Singa Cafe Newton Food Centre

Try yummy food at Newton Food Centre in Singapore, especially at the Singa Cafe stall. They have delicious Thai iced tea, refreshing Sugarcane Juice, and special Sapporo. Join us for tasty food at Newton Food Centre; it’s a super tasty adventure for everyone.

Singa Cafe Price List

Eat yummy food at Singa Cafe: tasty Thai iced tea, refreshing Sugarcane Juice, and special Sapporo. The prices are below.

Hot & Cold Drinks
Tea O /Coffee O$1.80,3.50
Thai Ice Milk Tea$3.50
Lychee Grass Jelly$3.50
Longan Grass Jelly$3.50
Tea C /Coffee C$2.20,4.00
Yuan Yang$2.50,4.50
Milo C$2.50,4.50
Thai Ice Tea$3.50,6.00
Coffee/Tea w Glass Jelly$2.50,4.50
Cold Drink
Sugarcane Juice$2.50,4.50
Sugarcane w Lemon/Plum/Lime$3.00,5.00
Sugarcane W/O Ice$3.00,5.50
Sugarcane W/O Ice/Lemon/Plum/Lime$3.50,6.00
Homemade Ice Lemon Tea/Sour Plum$2.50,4.50
Milo Dinosaur$3.00,5.50
Honey Lemon$3.50,6.00
Fresh Lime Juice$3.00,5.00
Fresh Lime w Sour Plum$3.50,5.50
Fresh Coconut$4.50
Soft Drink$1.60,$3.00
Tiger Beer$8,5,7
Tiger Crystal$7.50
Anchor Strong$7.00
Korea Soju$6.00

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Newton, #14, Newton Food Centre, Singapore

At: Floor No 4

Singa Cafe Reviews

Singa Cafe
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16:19 14 Oct 23
Bandung (requested for less sweet) had a great balance of milkiness and sweetness. Appreciate when they don’t add a cup full of ice too.Sugar cane with lemon can’t go wrong as well.
Joanne TanJoanne Tan
12:14 02 Feb 23
I tried their teh-o suria, it was fantastic, with a fragrance and a just right level of low sweetness, the overall experience over a cuppa very good.
Eloise BEloise B
07:33 03 May 22
Owner attitude is the worst I've seen in Singapore. We are tourist and do not have cash with us, while we are scanning the QR code they displayed to pay, the owner was giving snide comments about how we are taking so long just to pay for one drink. There was no queue at that time so we weren't holding up anyone. Super rude. They are also slightly more expensive than all the other drinks store around selling the same stuff. Do not recommend this both in terms of price and attitude.
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
16:37 25 Jan 21
Probably one of the friendlier drink stall uncles around. Got some sugar cane from him. His stall faces the carpark, so it's hard to miss him!
Leow Wee BoonLeow Wee Boon
07:53 14 Nov 20
The coffee here is aromatically fragrant!

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