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Welcome to the food at Newton Food Centre for yummy food in Singapore. Try the Tap Draught Beer stall for delicious drinks like Carlsberg, Asahi Dry Black, and Erdinger Black Pint. Come and enjoy tasty food and beverages at Newton Food Centre.

Tap Draught Beer Price List

Tap Draught Beer Newton has yummy food like snacks and meals. The prices for the food are between $12 and $25, so it’s good for any wallet.

Draught Beer
CarlsBerg (500ml,3Ltr)$9.00,$45.00
Asahi Dry Black (500ml,2Ltr,3Ltr)$15.00,$50.00,$70.00
Asahi Japan No 1 Beer (500ml,2Ltr,3Ltr)$12.00,$43.00,$60.00
1664 Blanc$13.00,$45.00,$65.00
Kronenbourg Blanc Pint$7.00
Erdinger Black Pint$8.00
Erdinger Black Pint$8.00
Corona Pint$8.00
CarlsBerg Quart$8.00
Guinness Quart$10.00
Tsingtao Quart$7.50
Heineken Quart$8.50
Heineken 320ml$5.00
Heineken 490ml$7.00
Tiger Quart$7.50
Tiger 320ml$4.50
Tiger 490ml$6.50

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Newton, #45, Newton Food Centre, Singapore

At: Floor No 4

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