Newton Food Centre

Welcome to Newton Food Centre, a bustling hawker centre in Singapore’s heart. You’ll discover a vibrant culinary hub that showcases a diverse array of delicious local eats. The stalls at Newton Food Centre offer a tempting variety of menu items, each bursting with flavours representing Singaporean cuisine’s rich flavours. From mouth-watering satay skewers to aromatic noodle dishes, this food haven caters to every palate, providing a delightful experience for locals and visitors alike.

Join us on a culinary journey as we explore the delectable offerings and vibrant atmosphere of Newton Food Centre Singapore.

Newton Food Centre 新加坡 History

Newton Food Centre is a well-known hawker destination in Singapore that has gained recognition from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for its role as a tourist hotspot. We invite visitors to try the yummy flavours of Singaporean cuisine. Our food centre was first established in 1971 but was temporarily closed in 2005 as the government wanted to revamp the food centre in Singapore. Our Newton food centre then went through a major renovation before reopening on July 1 2006.

Following the renovations, stall owners from the temporary site returned to the newly refurbished food centre. However, in October 2022, the food centre initiated another renovation phase.

Newton Food Centre Menu

Heng 興

Carrot Cake$4,5$6$8
Oyster omelette$5$8$10
Oyster Eggs$6$8$10

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-28

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday (5:00 PM – 11:00 PM), Closed Tuesday

Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge

Sliced Fish$6,8$10$12 
Sliced Fish Soup$6,8$10$12 
Fried Fish Soup$6,8$10$12 
Fish Head Soup$6,8$10$12 
Dual Fish Soup$6,8$10$12 

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-20

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11:00 AM to 8:00 PM), Closed Monday

OG Lemak

Chicken Rendang Set$9.90
OG Lemak Set$7.90
Vegan Set$9.90
Beef Rendang Set$9.90
OG Lemak Chicken Thigh SetS9.90

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-16

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00AM – 3:00PM, 5:00pm to 8:30pm)

Soon Wah Fishball Kway Teow Mee

Fish Dumpling Mee$5
Fish Dumpling Soup$5
Fish Ball Soup$5
Fishball Mee Soup or Dry$5

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-69

Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (6:00 PM To 10 PM) Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

Bee Heng Popiah

Chicken Satay70 cent
Mutton Satay70 cent
Pork Satay70 cent
Minimum 10 sticks, chicken, mutton, pork satay$7.00
Minimum 10 sticks, chicken,mutton, pork satay$4.40
Sets of 5 kueh pie tee$4

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-12

Tel: +65 6252 0551

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11:45 AM – 11:00 PM), Closed Monday

TKR Satay

pork, chicken, mutton satay sticks$0.80
(10 pcs) min pork, chicken, mutton satay sticks$8
Prawn Satay$0.80
Yummy Chicken Wings$1.50
BBQ chicken wings$1.50
(3 pcs) BBQ chicken wings$4.5
BBQ prawns$2.00

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-30

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday (4:00 PM – 12:30 PM), Closed Tuesday

Lok Lok By Ah Wee Gourmet

Per Red Stick$1.20
Per YellowStick$1.50
Per Blue Stick$2.00

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-67 Singapore

Sunday to Thursday (5:00 PMto 11:30 PM) Friday, Saturday & PH Eve (5:00 PM to 12:00 AM)

XO Minced Meat Noodles

XO Minced Meat Noodles$5.00,6.00
Mini pot Noodles$5.50
Fish Ball Noodles$5.00,6.00
Fish Ball Soup$3.80
Handmade Meatball Noodle$5.00
Handmade Meatball$0.50/pc
GuiFei Abalone Minced Meat Noodle$5.50
Scallop Minced Meat Noodle$5.50
Signature Kway Teow Soup$4.80
Chicken Cutlets Noodles$5.50
Fishball Sticks$1.50/stick
Chicken Nuggets$1.80/stick
Seafood Mini Pot Noodles$6.50
Fried Chicken Wing$1.50/pc
Fried Wonton Noodles$5.00

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-10, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (Open 24 hours)

At: Floor No 1

Newton Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle

Pork Ribs Pigis Tail Prawn Noodles$12,15
Pork Ribs Noodle Mee Sua$6,8,10
Pig’s Tail Noodle$5,6,8,10
Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle$8,10,12
Pigs Liver Meat Noodle$5,6
Meatball Noodles$5,6
Prawn Noodles Dry$5,6,8,10
Prawn Noodles Soup$5,6,8,10

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-60, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM to 3:30 AM)

At: Floor No 4 Ph: +6596717885

Indian Palace

Chicken tikka Masala$10.00
Chicken Masala$8.90
Chilli Prawn$10.90
Aloo Gobi$6.90
Palak Panner$7.90
Mutton Masala$8.90
Butter Chicken$9.90
Butter Naan$2.90
Naan Bread$1.90
Chicken tikka$11.80
Tandoori Chicken$11.50
Biryani Rice Chicken$7.00

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-46, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (12:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

At: Floor No 1

Alliance Seafood 联合海鲜烧烤

Chilli Crabs Set with Cereal Prawns$65
Fried Rice and Man Tou$65
Black Pepper Crab Set $65
Two type of crabs$100
BBQ Crayfish$100
Kangkong Vegetables$8,10,12
Lemon Chicken $15,20,25
Sweet & Sour Chicken$15,20,25
Fried Baby Squid$15,20,25

Location: Newton Circus Food Centre #01-27, 500 Clemenceau Avenue North Singapore 229495 (Newton MRT)

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3:00 PM To 11:00 PM) Saturday, Sunday (1:00 PM to 11:00 PM), Closed Tuesday

Kwee Heng

Hainanese Chicken Rice$4,5,6
Hainanese Chicken$Half 13 or whole 26
Boneless Duck Rice$4,5
Duck Noodles$4,5
Chicken Noodles$4,5
Crispy Chicken$Half 14, whole 28
Duck Porridge$6,8,10
Braised Duck Rice$4, $5, $6
Kway Chap$4,5,6
Beah Sprouts$4,5,6
Wanton Noodle$4,5,6
Roasted Pork$8,10,12
Roasted Pork Rice$8,10,12
Char Siew$8,10,12
Roasted Chicken$16,32
Roasted Chicken Rice$4,5,6
Char Siew Roast pork rice$4,5,6
Oyster sauce veg$6,8,10

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-13

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9:00 AM to 12 AM) 

Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette

Oyster Omelette (1 pax)$6,8,10,12
Fried Oyster Omelette$6.00
Oyster Omelette (Add Oyster)$12,15,20
Oyster Egg (No Flour)$10,12,15

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, Newton Circus, #01-73 Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday (6:00 PM to 12:00 AM) Closed, Sunday or Monday

At: Floor No 1


Non-Veg DishesPrice
Aloo Palak$7.00,12.00
Aloo Matar$7.00,12.00
Aloo Jeera$7.00,12.00
Chana Masala$7.00,12.00
Mushroom Masala$7.00,12.00
Chilli Mushroom$10.00,18.00
Kadai Vegetable$8.50,14.50
Methi Mutter$7.00,12.00
Bhindi Masala$7.00,12.00
Egg Paint Masala$7.00,12.00
Dai Tadka$6.00,11.00
Dai Makani$8.00,14.00
Egg Burji$8.00,12.00
Navratan korma$8.00,14.00
Gobi Manchurian$9.00,16.00
Onion Pakoda$7.00,12.00
Paneer pakoda$8.00,14.00
Veg DishesPrice
Aloo Methi$7.00,12.00
Aloo Gobi$7.00,12.00
Matar Paneer$7.00,12.00
Palak Paneer$7.00,12.00
Chilli Paneer$10.00,18.00
Paneer Burji$9.00,16.00
Kadai Paneer$8.00,14.00
Panner Makni$7.00,12.00
Kebab Veg$8.00,14.00
Panner Makani$7.00,12.00
Paneer Burji$9.00,16.00
Kashmiri Pulav$7.00
Saffron Rice$6.00
Jeera rice$5.00
Peshwari Naan$5.00
Masala Kulcha$5.00
Cheese Naan$4.00
Butter Naan$3.00
Garlic Naan$2.50
Mix raita$4.00
Papad 4/pc$2.00

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-44, Singapore 229495

Opening hours:  Monday to Sunday (11:30 AM to 11:30 PM)

At: Floor No 1 Ph:+658286746

Hajah Monah Kitchen

Mee Siam$4.50
Nasi Lemak$4.50
Nasi Padang$4.50
sambal goreng$3.50
ikan billis$6.00
curry chicken$5.00
chicken wings$5.00
beef rendang$5.00
chicken liver$5.00

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-83

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (6:00 AM to 3 PM)

R&B Express

BBQ Chicken Wings $1.40 
5 BBQ Chicken Wings $7
Satay chicken, beef, mutton$0.70
10 sticks of satay chicken, beef, mutton$7
2 Rolls Popiah$4
Kueh Pie Tee$4,6
TRK Chicken Wings$1.30
Weng’s BBQ Chicken Wings$1.30
3 Weng’s BBQ Chicken Wings$3.9
Chong Pang Huat$1.30

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-072

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (5:00 PM to 2:00 AM), Closed Monday

88 San Ren Cold and Hot Dessert

Ice Kachang $3
Kachang Mango Ice$3
Mango with Longan$3
Red Ruby$3
Durian Chendol $3
Ice Jelly with Cocktail$3
Cheng Tng$2.50
Mango Snow Ice $4.50
Strawberry Snow Ice $4.50
Chocolate Snow Ice$4.50

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-05

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:30 AM to 11:30 PM)

31 Heng Heng BBQ (Chilli Crab, Sambal Stingray)

Tiger Prawns$11,12,13
BBQ Stingray$12,16,20
Chilli Crab$38,42
Grill Lobster$20,25
Sambal Petai$14,18,22
Sambal Squid$14/18/22
Sambal Calamari$14,18,23
Steamed Fish$38,42
Cereal Prawn$25,30,35
Black Pepper Crab$38,42,46,50
Sweet and Sour Chicken$16,22,26
Baby Kai Lan$8,10,12

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-31 Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday (12:00 PM to 10:30 PM) Closed, Tuesday 

At: Floor No 1


Hai Yan BBQ Seafood

BBQ Sotong$12,16,20
BBQ Stingray$12,16,20
Tiger Prawn$8.00/100g
King Prawn$20,25,30,40
Steamed Grouper$30
Black Pepper Crab$38,42
Cereal Prawn$20,25,30
Chilli Crayfish$6.00/100g
Baby kai Lan$6,8,12
Grilled lobster$9.00/100g

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01- 11, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (4:00 PM to 11:00 PM)

At: Floor No 1

Ph: +6594526293

Newton Food Centre Best Food Stalls

The hawker centre, which is synonymous with Newton Food Centre, is known for its diverse range of cuisines and remains an iconic destination in Singapore’s food. Some people might worry about the prices of the food at Newton Food Centre, but there are really tasty options there that I suggest you try. Newton Food Centre presents you with a list of the top 83 hawker stalls to enhance your dining experience, providing diverse flavours and cooking cuisine excellence.

Soon Wah Fishball Kway Teow Mee

In 1966, at Gluttons Square, Soon Wah Fishball started making fishballs and fish dumplings by hand. They still follow this careful process today.

Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge

A new fish soup place in Singapore got a special award called Bib Gourmand. This is the third one to get it, joining two others called Beach Road Fish Head Bee Hoon and Jun Yuan House Of Fish.

Alliance Seafood

Alliance Seafood got a special mention in the Michelin Bib Gourmand list. Even though it’s been around for over 30 years, not many people know about it for its delicious zhi char and seafood.

OG Lemak

Chef Shen Tan is selling Nasi Lemak at Newton Food Centre again. She says Newton is the original hawker centre where people used to come after parties 25 years ago.

Including Michelin-Recommended Carrot Cake, Fish Soup, and BBQ Cuisine. Among the well-loved stalls at Newton Food Centre are Hai Yan BBQ Seafood, Newton Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle, XO Minced Meat Noodles, Newton Authentic Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge, and 88 San Ren Cold & Hot Dessert. This diverse selection ensures visitors can embark on a culinary journey through the rich tapestry of Singaporean flavours.

Newton Food Centre Singapore Returns

Newton Food Centre 纽顿熟食中心 has made a successful return, reclaiming its status as a vibrant hawker haven nestled in the heart of Singapore near Newton MRT station 牛顿地铁站.

Newton Food Centre has become a local institution, housing over 83 stalls that showcase a diverse array of hawker delights spanning Chinese Food stalls, Malay food stalls, Indian food stall cuisines and more. From the sizzling allure of Barbecued Seafood to the tantalizing aroma of Satay, the tempting flavours of Chicken Wings, Hokkien Mee, and the savoury delight of Carrot Cake, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The stall in Newton Food Centre sells Singaporean delicious dishes such as fish ball noodles, popiah, Satay, and fried oyster omelettes.

What People Say About Us!

Newton Food Centre in Singapore is a fantastic place to experience delicious local dishes. The friendly vendors and the buzzing environment make Newton Food Centre a must-visit destination for anyone looking to savour authentic Singaporean flavours in a casual and welcoming setting. Newton Food Centre Singapore Review

Newton Food Centre
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Allen AlhambraAllen Alhambra
06:49 01 Jun 24
Valerie SimValerie Sim
05:06 01 Jun 24
Abdul RahimAbdul Rahim
01:54 01 Jun 24
Ananda ArasuAnanda Arasu
13:48 31 May 24
12:12 30 May 24
I had dinner at the well-known number 27. In conclusion, don't go there. The service is a mess. I was going to change between 31 and 27, but when I sat down in the direction where the seats were, I ended up sitting in front of store number 27. So, I sat down thinking I should just eat at number 27, but since they gave me a menu from the beginning, I thought I could do that and ordered. 3 adults ordered set C and enjoyed the food. Since we had to clean up our own plates after we finished eating, while we were doing so, they told us to get out of the way so that other customers could quickly sit where we were sitting, almost as if they were kicking our group out. Meanwhile, food spilled out and got on my clothes. I had a delicious meal, but the service was a mess. Don't go here. It's the worst experience I've ever had.
Sarah AzizSarah Aziz
09:02 20 Feb 24
One of the most pricy food street in Singapore. I have tried many stalls to taste the flavours of Singapore and I enjoyed it.We tried chilli crabs, oyster omelete, rice cake satay, fish porridge, stingray, fried rice and chilli beef, sugar cane juice and couple of other plates.Also it’s closed on Monday.
eric wongeric wong
11:15 19 Feb 24
Klaus MangoldKlaus Mangold
04:59 19 Feb 24
Jonathan YeapJonathan Yeap
04:35 19 Feb 24
Russell MorrisonRussell Morrison
10:30 18 Feb 24
The original and the best in my opinion, fried oyster dark carrot cake was amazing
07:42 12 Jan 24
It had a local atmosphere and the food was delicious. I ate chili crab, cereal shrimp, and fried rice and was very satisfied. They provided spoon, fork, and plastic gloves so I ate comfortably. Good^^
Amalia PutriAmalia Putri
01:11 12 Jan 24
Juni FangJuni Fang
06:53 11 Jan 24
Loph chinesse food in here.. but you can find another food if you dont like chinesse food .. and if you not singaporean and confuse where to eat..just come to this place..
Saini AhmadSaini Ahmad
06:42 11 Jan 24
Had our family late dinner there.Good seafood meals and lovely oyster omelette.Clean and well kept area.Cleaners kept the place very clean 🫰
Christian KedzierskiChristian Kedzierski
06:11 11 Jan 24
Newton Food Centre is a must-visit in Singapore! The BBQ stingray is grilled to perfection, a true delight with its smoky flavor. The crab is another standout, cooked flawlessly, juicy and flavorful. This place is a culinary gem for seafood lovers. Great atmosphere, friendly vendors, and unforgettable tastes. 5 stars!
Pearl DeliaPearl Delia
01:58 11 Jan 24
Good place to have a casual hang out with foods & drinks at affordable prices
Yeni ayyenYeni ayyen
14:23 10 Jan 24
Kamlesh RamchandKamlesh Ramchand
08:18 10 Jan 24
Apart from some pushy seafood stalls, great food at a fairly premium price point. A good place to bring overseas visitors
sharon foosharon foo
14:48 09 Jan 24
zaiman makmurzaiman makmur
11:56 09 Jan 24
Legend Singapore Food Stall 👍
Taku koolTaku kool
11:17 09 Jan 24
07:34 09 Jan 24
I definitely recommend going here.You can choose from chili crab, pepper crab, cereal shrimp, satay, etc. and the price is very reasonable.^^I was going to Jumbo Seafood from the airport and took a taxi to the Newton Hawker Center. It was an excellent choice!Friendly merchants and delicious food! I highly recommend it for its affordable price.Sugarcane juice is also delicious~^^
Shane LowShane Low
04:13 09 Jan 24
Tom ZahavyTom Zahavy
02:01 09 Jan 24
Great place to try local food. I enjoyed the black carrot cake and the chicken satay the most!
2 Good Forks2 Good Forks
12:51 08 Jan 24
📍Newton Food Centre, Newton 🇸🇬We finished our first night in Singapore at this famous hawker centre where Crazy Rich Asians was filmed 🤪To be honest we didn't do an extensive research on the best stalls to eat there and just tried a few things that looked good, no regrets here 😍A must try is the sugar cane juice, a huge cup was only $5 I think - so cheap and perfect for the super warm weather 🥵
Dorman BorismanDorman Borisman
05:54 08 Jan 24
Sheryl Ho ThamSheryl Ho Tham
04:17 08 Jan 24
Newton Food Centre, a vibrant kaleidoscope of sights, smells, and sounds, is undeniably a tourist magnet in Singapore. Parking aplenty, friendly hawkers eager to guide you through the labyrinthine stalls, and an electric atmosphere – it's a sensory overload in the best way possible.My personal recommendation? Dive headfirst into Chong Pang Huat. Their charcoal-grilled chicken wings are addictive – smoky, sticky sweet, and bursting with juicy flavor. Don't miss their satay either, tender skewers bathed in a fragrant peanut sauce that will have you begging for more.For a crispy, eggy delight, Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette is a must-try. The oysters are plump and juicy, nestled in a fluffy omelette. But be prepared to wait 40 mins or more during weekends.Now, a word of caution: avoid the Vietnamese fried spring rolls from the stall next to Chong Pang Huat. Oily, cold, and lacking any semblance of freshness, they were a $10 disappointment. Stick to the local specialties and you won't go wrong.Newton Food Centre can be a bit of a tourist trap, yes. But with a little adventurous spirit and some discerning taste buds, you can navigate its bustling alleys and discover hidden culinary treasures. So, don't be afraid to wander, ask the hawkers for recommendations, and most importantly, bring an empty stomach – you'll need it!
Decky LaiskodatDecky Laiskodat
21:27 07 Jan 24
Philip ChenPhilip Chen
18:58 07 Jan 24
Since there are all kinds of food stalls, the prices are relatively cheap in Singapore. In addition to the environmental sanitation methods and procedures that can be further strengthened, there are too many barbecue restaurants and drink stalls of the same type. If other Singaporean ones can be added, Local food should be more popular among local people in Singapore.
08:06 07 Jan 24
07:35 07 Jan 24
06:20 07 Jan 24
Best food self service in SG
David EDavid E
05:42 07 Jan 24
YusLee 77YusLee 77
00:33 07 Jan 24
Adam AdamAdam Adam
08:48 06 Jan 24
Junyi ChenJunyi Chen
03:44 06 Jan 24
Adrian YapAdrian Yap
00:06 05 Jan 24
Poanorep TanPoanorep Tan
14:39 04 Jan 24
Dr Sugandh GargDr Sugandh Garg
08:53 04 Jan 24
Good to experience local food
shaiful zulizanshaiful zulizan
22:25 03 Jan 24
Vincent KhooVincent Khoo
13:32 30 Dec 23
It was 30th Dec evening but surprisingly this place is not that crowded. Tried Sheng Da BBQ seafood which is on the outer side, and thus less smoky. Tried their chilli crab, oyster egg and Sambal stingray. All taste ok and acceptance. Service fast too since it is not so crowded.
onEgyrl KayrosonEgyrl Kayros
15:46 28 Dec 23
Good selection of food but alot of hype since Crazy Rich Asians movie was filmed there. Busy but still can get a table on a weekday pretty easy. Pricing varies on the stall but overall can get better quality food at other local spots imo but good for tourist vibe and crowds.
Harmony MadekHarmony Madek
11:51 12 Dec 23
Home to a Michelin starred vendor and once you have a bite you totally understand why. Love that this place is open 24hrs. You can try anything and everything. Vendors can either deliver to your table or you are given a buzzer that will go off once your food is ready. Stingray with a squeeze of the small lime is a game changer, I was pleasantly surprised by that.
Kid Carter WagangKid Carter Wagang
07:04 04 Dec 23
Great selection of food, with various stalls selling different cuisines. Tried the beef fried rice, stir fried chicken and onion, and oyster omelette. Serving is quite generous, too. Went during lunch time on a Monday and there was no crowd but not a lot of stalls are open as well.
Ronald LamRonald Lam
10:16 19 Nov 23
Thoroughly enjoyed the Turkish kebab this stall at Newton Circus. The flavors were delightful, and the portion was hearty. A must-try for anyone craving authentic and delicious kebabs!

Newton Food Centre Singapore Renovation

The newly built food centre follows the design elements from the nearby old colonial houses. The colour scheme of the food centre is white, black and brown and the ceilings are seven metres high, ensuring cross-ventilation and a cooler environment. Adding to its charm, the centre design 设计 incorporates a central courtyard-like dining area surrounded by plants mindful of the colonial era, such as nutmeg and palms.

Widely recognized as a cooking cuisine haven for tourists, this Vibrant food centre has undergone renovations to present a more relaxed and modern ambience.

The upgraded venue boasts oversized fans with rain sensors, waterproof blinds, and energy-efficient LED bulbs. Small flea markets can also be set up.

How You Can Reach to Newton Food Centre


Newton Food Centre is typically open daily from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. However, checking for variations or particular timings on public holidays is advisable.

Stalls at Newton Food Centre are fully Halal-certified. Some stalls may serve Halal food.

Newton Food Centre is open all day for you. It is helpful and advisable to check the current operating status before planning your visit.