Thong Lai Cold Drinks & Beer Newton Food Centre

Welcome to delicious food at Newton Food Centre in Singapore. Thong Lai Cold Drinks & Beer stall has tasty drinks like Lychee Grass Jelly, creamy Avocado Juice, and refreshing Anchor Strong. Eat yummy food at Newton Food Centre; it’s a happy place with delicious things.

Thong Lai Cold Drinks & Beer Price List

Thong Lai Cold Drinks & Beer has cool drinks and beers to enjoy. Prices vary; check out the price list below for details.

Hot & Cold DrinksPrice
Lychee Grass Jelly$2.50
Longan Grass Jelly$2.50
Tea C /Coffee C$2.20,3.00
Yuan Yang$2.50,3.50
Milo C$2.50,3.50
Thai Ice Tea$3.50,5.00
Coffee/Tea w Glass Jelly$2.50,3.50
Sugar Cane Juice$2.50,3.50
AvoCado Juice$1.50,3.50
Mango Juice $1.50,3.50
Lime Juice $1.50,3.50
Orange Juice$1.50,3.50
Soursop Juice$1.50,3.50
Water Melon Juice$1.50,3.50
Tiger Beer$8.50,4.50,7.50
Tiger Crystal$8.50
Anchor Strong$7.00
Korea Soju$6.00

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Newton, #41, Newton Food Centre, Singapore

Opening hours: 

At: Floor No 4

Thong Lai Cold Drinks & Beer Reviews

1027 Sam1027 Sam
09:18 12 Jun 22
Their $4.5 sugarcane is mixed with water.
H NgimH Ngim
05:22 14 Jan 22
Chilled Asahi beer at $10 a bottle, slightly higher than Kopitiam $8. Patrons paid for the ambience.
Henri Es-SaidHenri Es-Said
13:46 27 Feb 21
Gave her all the money and she said I did not pay enough as she counted way too fast and then said we owed her more. She then didn’t allow us to cancel the order and get our money back
13:48 01 Oct 20
Uncle sells me a beer. Counts down change quickly, heads off. Waitaminute, he short changed me one dollar? I raise my head and look at him, he literally looks in my face with a hand in his pocket of coins, jingling them already.Nevermind. Was clearly intentional then and I won't come back.

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