88 San Ren Cold & Hot Dessert

Welcome to Newton Food Centre in Singapore. Lots of yummy foods there. Try 88 San Ren Cold & Hot Dessert’s tasty treats like Burbur Hitman, Cheng Tng, and Jelly Nata. It’s a special place for delicious food adventures.

88 San Ren Cold & Hot Dessert Price List

At 88 San Ren Cold & Hot Dessert stall, you can enjoy tasty cold and hot desserts with lots of yummy flavors. It’s a great place for sweet treats.

Burbur Hitman$2.50
Cheng Tng$3.80
Burbur Terigu$2.50
Red Bean Soup$2.50
Green Bean Soup$2.50
Sweet Potato Soup$2.50
Cheng Tng$2.50
Bo Bo Cha Cha$2.50
Lotus Seed Paste$3.50
Gingko Nuts w/Sweet potatoes$3.50
Gingko Nuts w/Dried Logan$3.50
Gingko Nuts w/Lotus Seed$3.50
Mango Sago$5.00
Mango Pomelo Sago$4.00
Chinese Herbal Jelly$3.50
Jelly Nata$3.50
Alaap Seed w/Longan$3.50
Mango Lungan$3.00
Almond w/Lungan$3.50
Mango Pudding w/Longan $3.50
Nata w/Longan$3.50
Nata w/ Sea Coconut$3.50
Longan/w Sea Coconut$3.50
Soa Op /w Sea Coconut$3.50
Barley Drinks$2.50,4.00
Lime Juice$2.50,4.00
Logan Drinks$2.50,4.00
Leche Drinks $2.50,4.00
Soursop Juice$3.00,5.00

Location & Opening Hours

Location:#5 Food Centre, Newton Food Centre, Singapore

Opening hours:

At: Floor No 1

88 San Ren Cold & Hot Dessert Reviews

Jeremy YeapJeremy Yeap
13:11 12 Apr 24
07:22 27 Mar 24
Worst attitude from the 2 Chinese Aunties.. OMG.. go back and sleep la this type of attitude. Was standing in front of their stall for 5 minutes like stupid.. both of them didn't even bother to ask what I want, kept doing their own things inside the stall.. walking in and out of their stall, both busy packing orders. After waiting for 5 mins I asked nicely how long more do I wait.. one of them answered rudely saying "need to queue one ma!" OMGGGGG HAHAHAHAHHA.. yes that was precisely what I did for the past 5 mins.. first in q.. no one bothers to talk to me.. so I told them I'm ok to wait, just asking one bowl of daosuan must wait how long. Then the 2nd auntie shouted rudely in Chinese.. "hao liao hao liao hao liao!" Hahahahahhaha rudest hawkers I met.. power.. tourist spot yaya papaya
Jeffrey TanJeffrey Tan
05:05 21 Mar 24
Horrible chendol andMango sago pomelo.
Trestage MeguroTrestage Meguro
07:04 25 Feb 24
Misses out my order today order 3 only deliver 2
Kenny VooKenny Voo
14:20 23 Jan 24
Chendol without chendol?
Yuanfeng YaoYuanfeng Yao
14:15 23 Jan 24
worst chendol ever
Sherman TBHSherman TBH
03:21 07 Nov 23
Dessert are good and service not bad
03:28 01 Oct 23
Red ruby is kind of chopped few pieces. No crunchiness at all. They added I think gula melaka sugar. Combination is weird. Still prefer the traditional kind.$3.5 for this is too much. Definitely not worth it.
Huppy HoppyHuppy Hoppy
07:27 30 Sep 23
Horrible $3 ice kacang. Tasteless. Hard red beans. Stingy with liquid sugar. Lazy.
SY YeoSY Yeo
11:54 04 Sep 23
I always eat here after my meal! But today I dropped my dessert and the auntie saw, she made me another. Thank you 🥹 Yummy
michael linmichael lin
07:35 04 Sep 23
It’s ok. Mango & Lychee dessert $3. Not bad but not great either. Got good amount of lychee, but 2 pitiful mango pieces. Would get if desperate for an iced dessert.
Good dessert shop. Try mango sago a Little bit pricey but good portion
Donald ChenDonald Chen
04:55 12 May 23
Refreshing Bobo Chacha on a hot day! One of the popular dessert stalls here @Newton Circle food centre. Used to be only $2.50 a bowl. Now $3!

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