Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge newton food centre

Welcome to Newton Food Centre, a bustling hawker haven in the heart of Singapore, where culinary delights from various stalls tempt your taste buds. Among the myriad of choices, one stall stands out for its delectable Teochew Fish Porridge, Kwang Kee.

Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge Price List

With a rich heritage and a commitment to authentic flavours, Kwang Kee brings you a taste of traditional Teochew cuisine that has been satisfying food enthusiasts for generations.

Sliced Fish$6,8$10$12 
Sliced Fish Soup$6,8$10$12 
Fried Fish Soup$6,8$10$12 
Fish Head Soup$6,8$10$12 
Dual Fish Soup$6,8$10$12 

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-20

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11:00 AM to 8:00 PM), Closed Monday

Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge

Kwang Kee Teochew Fish Porridge reviews

02:04 24 Mar 24
Andrew TangAndrew Tang
04:30 06 Mar 24
Excellent fish quality, what else can I say.
Noelle SimNoelle Sim
16:27 21 Feb 24
I had their sliced fish mee suah and I really liked it! Honestly, it's not a restaurant so don't expect service but in terms of food quality and portions, brilliant! Fish wasn't smelly, fish was fresh and broth was delicious! Hours later and I wasn't super thirsty which meant that the sodium levels weren't crazy. I would recommend trying it!! The other reviews don't do it justice. Also, the addition of fans in the space makes having lunch a more pleasant experience!
Zizhen WangZizhen Wang
23:52 23 Jan 24
Guangji Teochew Surimi has been on the Singapore Michelin Guide list for three years and is in Newton Food Center.I chose the double fish soup, which was a mixture of fried fish fillets and ordinary fish fillets, with milk added and no staple food. It's just an ordinary bowl of soup, and the fried fish tastes better than the ordinary fish fillets, which are really ordinary and a bit dull. The soup has a bit of umami flavor, and the fish fillet porridge here is not actually porridge, just soaked rice.I haven't been able to get what's special about it, so I'm asking for advice from reviewers who have eaten there and thought it was good. What's the essence of this restaurant?
Kenny YaoKenny Yao
13:46 15 Oct 23
Fish fillet porridge, the soup has a strong meaty taste, but the fish fillets are quite fresh.
Lean CLean C
17:32 12 Oct 23
The minced fish fillets are very tender, and there are plenty of fish fillets. The fried fish with fried fish rice noodles is not as crispy as I thought, but the fried fish fillets are soaked soft, which I don't like that much.The soup is delicious, fresh and flavorful, with just the right saltiness. The fish is paired with chili soy sauce. The fish fillet porridge is my favorite southern rice soup porridge. I think most people order the fish fillet soup with rice. I will order it next time. Give it a try, otherwise you don’t feel like you have to come here to eat porridge and rice noodles, but you can come here if you live nearby.
Sky Ain't LimitSky Ain't Limit
12:58 23 Aug 23
Very ordinary food. Nothing to shout about.
Darren ChanDarren Chan
11:54 05 Aug 23
Had the dual fish soup ($8) and the thick white noodles ($0.50).The fish tasted pretty fresh, and the soup was rather tasty and balanced. The batter of the fried fish wasn't too soggy even after being soaked in the soup for several minutes.The lady manning the stall was pretty friendly.That being said, I didn't give 5 stars because of the pricing - I think there's more value-for-money options out there and they could be a bit more generous with the meat, or exclude the add-on for the carbohydrates.
Zhanrong LiangZhanrong Liang
09:49 29 Jun 23
Food: Ordered the sliced fish porridge. Soup is nice and fish is freshService: NormalAtmosphere: The stall is located in the hawker. Many crows and pigeons are waiting around the area to snipe the leftover food
11:49 23 Jun 23
This is the perfect example of why the Michelin guide cannot be trusted.The fish soup tasted very average. Fish were fresh but the quantity was meagre at $7-three thin slices and maybe five chunks of fried fish.
Grace AwGrace Aw
13:43 02 Mar 23
Tried their sliced fish porridge since I was craving for soup.Soup was not bad. Could be saltier.Fish was ok, did not have any fishy smell but I had silly ones before.What I do like is that they give a lot of chili which is good for those who love chili.
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
00:57 05 Aug 22
Their fish soup is alright. I've had better ones elsewhere, but this is good enough for my taste buds, just not outstandingly blowing my mind away. Fish is fresh, but not entirely sure if the soup is done from scratch or otherwise.My biggest issue was how the portions were quite small for what they were charging. No extra tofu or tomato of sorts, so it was only fish slices and some vegetables.

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