OnTap At Newton Food Center

Welcome to Newton Food Centre in Singapore for lots of different tasty foods. You should try OnTap – everyone loves delicious Pilsner and Root Beer. It’s a special place with unique flavors.

OnTap Price List

OnTap at Newton Food Centre has tasty drinks like Plisner and Root Beer. Try them for a special and delicious experience.

Stout,330Ml,Pitcher,Tower 2-Litre,Tower 3-Litre$9,$13,$23,$43,$61
Wheat Beer$8,22
Brown Ale$8,22
English Bitter$8,22
Root Beer$8,22
Stout,330Ml,Pitcher,Tower 2-Litre,Tower 3-Litre$10,$14,$26,$48,$66
Red Ale$8,22

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Singapore 570453

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (5:30 PM to 2:00 AM)

At: Floor No 1

OnTap Reviews

shinano mshinano m
00:48 08 Dec 23
The best beer I had in Singapore. Craft IPA.They serve glasses very cold, which Japanese prefers.
Kazutaka WatariKazutaka Watari
15:27 20 Oct 23
Best IPA I've ever had in my life!😍
Keane TanKeane Tan
16:18 12 Jul 23
Bad experience today (Jul 12, Wed night). The staff couldn't describe what the vanilla cream tasted like (I asked if it was a stout, and he replied No and didn't elaborate what it was). He also doesn't offer tasting (which is acceptable if it is stall policy, but they should if I am clearly going to buy something).After I bought the IPA, I requested for a 2 dollar coin change. The staff says he doesn't have. I point out there's clearly coins present in their tips jar, but the staff refuses too.So in the end, I gave hum a gentle feedback that his service is bad and that couldn't describe what the vanilla cream ale tasted like to me. He gets emotional and yells at me to go and never to come again.In the end the IPA wasn't as fresh as they claim and I think you get better craft beer elsewhere. Highly not recommended as the staff aren't passionate to promote the craft beer community or knowledgeable about their craft.
13:18 01 Apr 23
[2023-04-01, $13/pint]had the wheat beer and was honestly not a fan. not as malty as I'd like and was more sour than most, had a banana note as advertised which was interesting.
H NgimH Ngim
21:47 07 Feb 22
Chilled IPA good to pair with all hawker dishes. Can request for chill mug every 30min.

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