Yew Kee Duck Rice 友記家傳鴨飯 Newton Food Centre

Welcome to Newton Food Centre to try yummy food in Singapore. The best is at Yew Kee Duck Rice stall. They have a tasty Braised Duck Noodle, a unique Yew Kee Set, and delicious Char Siew Rice. Eat with us at Newton Food Centre.

Yew Kee Duck Rice Price List

Taste delicious duck and yummy rice at Yew Kee Duck Rice, Newton Food Centre in Singapore. Check out the prices below and enjoy a tasty meal.

Specialty Braised Duck Rice$4.00
Braised Pork Rice$4.50
Braised Duck Drumstick Rice$6.80
Braised Duck Noodle$3.80
Braised Duck Kway Teow$3.80
Braised Duck Porridge$3.50
Kway Chap Set$4.50
Teochew Braised Set$7.50/1pax,$15/2pax
Yew Kee Set$6.50/1pax,$13/2pax
Char Siew Rice$3.50
Roasted Meat Rice$3.50
Roasted Meat Char Siew Rice$4.50
Yew Kee Specially Chill$4.90

Location & Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-09, Singapore 229495

At: Floor No 1

Yew Kee Duck Rice 友記家傳鴨飯 Reviews

Zizhen WangZizhen Wang
23:33 21 Feb 24
I was nervous at noon on Sunday. My daughter had to go to Yishun to practice shooting after her morning class. At noon, she quickly settled in the food center near the morning class.There are not many stalls open at noon on Sunday. I chose this one and it seemed like there were a lot of choices.Alas, I missed the signature dish again. It wasn’t until I was writing a review that I found out that their signature dish is duck rice. No wonder there are so many ducks. We ordered the kueh jelly set meal, which was quite affordable and included a plate of various braised dishes, but I didn’t think it was as good as the Kuo Yayin kuey jelly stall that I liked. Some of the ingredients in this kueh sauce are a bit old and a bit hard.Have to come again to try the duck rice
03:35 22 Jan 24
Hang Sheng SiowHang Sheng Siow
03:15 13 Jan 24
It is overprice for a plate of duck rice and the size shrunk for higher price. The taste used to be good. I don’t recommend paying for this. There are other same option in the same hawker center.
SF LeongSF Leong
11:07 28 Dec 23
M-C. CamilleM-C. Camille
06:40 17 Dec 23
Their specialities are Braised Duck with Rice or Noodles, they also have other menus.I don’t agree with other reviews that are complaining, come on it’s a stall in a food court ya, prices are really cheap, don’t expect a festin for that price !I had the braised duck which cost 6$SG, it was very tasty and nicely done.The place is packed, you have to queue for about 25 minutes during lunch to get your turn.Overall Newton foodcourt offers many different choices of food and drinks that can feed all the family !
Ryan NgRyan Ng
11:09 10 Aug 23
Ordered online, stall got order wrong, missing dishes but did not acknowledge mistake nor refund money + portion horribly small (for reference picture shows $8 of braised pork). Won't ever eat here again and don't recommend that other people do.
Libin GuLibin Gu
08:39 12 Jul 23
For $6, the portion is really small (contained in a small squarish plate) and don't taste as good as the Yu Kee standard to be expected.
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
12:00 03 Jun 23
Just another duck rice hawker stall, that serves above average duck rice. It's definitely not out of this world amazing, but they've also gone down the franchise path that allowed them to be all over Singapore. That said, if you're looking for a fair representation of a local braised duck rice, this is a no brainer. Consistent and good enough.

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