Newton Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle Singapore

Welcome to Newton Food Centre, a bustling hawker haven in Singapore renowned for its diverse culinary offerings. Among the myriad of stalls that grace this vibrant food paradise, Newton Tian Xiang’s Big Prawn Noodle stands out as a flavorful gem. With a reputation for serving delectable prawn noodles that tantalize the taste buds, this stall has become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Newton Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle Price List

Join us on a gastronomic journey as we delve into the savoury world of Newton Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle.

Pork Ribs Pigis Tail Prawn Noodles$12,15
Pork Ribs Noodle Mee Sua$6,8,10
Pig’s Tail Noodle$5,6,8,10
Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle$8,10,12
Pigs Liver Meat Noodle$5,6
Meatball Noodles$5,6
Prawn Noodles Dry$5,6,8,10
Prawn Noodles Soup$5,6,8,10

Location & Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-60, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM to 3:30 AM)

At: Floor No 4

Ph: +6596717885

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Newton Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle REVIEWS

Nicholas LeeNicholas Lee
11:23 17 Apr 24
Damn power pack !!!!
Braytton TohBraytton Toh
11:20 17 Apr 24
very nice prawn noodle definitely a must try for tourist
16:06 16 Apr 24
I frequently travel from deep i the west all the way to newton food centre just for this bowl of heavenly prawn noodles. Portion is generous, taste is out of this world, ingredients are fresh, and the price is absolutely reasonable. What more can I say, try it out for yourself today... you won't regret it!
Yafen ZhaoYafen Zhao
07:37 16 Apr 24
Best prawn mee in sg must try !! My always go to stall ❤️❤️
Kel JerichoKel Jericho
13:00 15 Apr 24
While I like the soup, can't say I'll eat there again unless I have a desperate craving.Way too pricey for the portionEven the largest size is a light meal
George LGeorge L
13:57 23 Jan 24
Ivan LimIvan Lim
06:04 22 Jan 24
Bad service. Uncle was rude. See me standing outside his stall, he mistook me for someone else, thinking I ordered already. The face like I owe him a lot of money like that. Food was very little for $6.50, and the ingredients look very different from the photo. Ruined my appetite entirely
Ang EginAng Egin
06:46 17 Jan 24
Tried the $12.5 Oyster la la prawn mee unfortunately slightly disappointed with the lack of flavour.Prawns were not exactly the freshest alongside the other ingredients. Counted 3 prawns, 4 lala and 4 oysters… shocking for mediocre prawn mee to be priced at 12.50 even if at newton food centre.Also overheard the customer behind requesting for 3 small bowls to share with family and was refused and given one.
Claire ChanClaire Chan
16:03 26 Dec 23
Food & service both 11/10!! ☺️😋
11:16 03 Nov 23
Great prawn noodle with not oily soup. Don’t underestimate the chilli powder, definitely pack with a punch. Beehoon got this bee Hoon taste that makes this prawn noodle extra tasty.
Peter SzklenarPeter Szklenar
08:35 21 Oct 23
jared monteirojared monteiro
09:28 19 Oct 23
Broth was really rich and tasty 😋 one of the best prawn noodles I have tried in Singapore
Nicholas LimNicholas Lim
07:16 19 Oct 23
Amazing prawn noodle with fresh ingredients! Will definitely visit again!
Jialong LiuJialong Liu
14:05 04 May 23
Not my first time here but this time was slightly irritating and the higher price seems to have come with a smaller portion.I order the $8 prawn Mee with beehoon dry and had to repeat myself 3 times for the uncle to remember. I don't blame him for forgetting but i was just slightly irritated for him to ask the same question without writing it down. In the end, he gave me the $6.50 one instead, which made me speechless.The dry noodles with chilli was decent. The soup was very average although as a soupy person, it was still good as long as its hot.Surprisingly there's only 3 tiny prawns with 4 small pieces of pork slice. I understand that the rental here is expensive but for $6.50, it really seems quite pathetic.So overall, this is more like a 5 out of 10. Overall experience was bad... Food was just so so, while the value was below average.If craving for prawn Mee here, this is still an alright choice...
Hector OngHector Ong
03:35 01 May 23
If you're looking for a delicious and satisfying meal in Newton, look no further than Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle. This hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone who loves authentic Singaporean cuisine.The star of the show at Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle is undoubtedly their signature dish: the Big Prawn Noodle. The dish features plump, juicy prawns that are cooked to perfection and served in a rich and flavorful broth that is simply out of this world. The noodles are firm and chewy, and the combination of all the ingredients creates a truly unforgettable taste experience.But the Big Prawn Noodle isn't the only thing on the menu that's worth trying. Tian Xiang also offers a variety of other mouthwatering dishes, including the meatballs noodles laced with Crispy pork lard . Each dish is bursting with flavor and made with only the freshest ingredients.In addition to the fantastic food, the service at Tian Xiang is top-notch. The staff are friendly, attentive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each customer has an enjoyable dining experience.Overall, if you're looking for a restaurant that serves up some of the best Singaporean cuisine in Newton, Tian Xiang Big Prawn Noodle is definitely worth a visit. From the unbeatable Big Prawn Noodle to the friendly service, this restaurant is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and eager to come back for more.
Super FragranceSuper Fragrance
11:09 24 Feb 23
Got the medium prawn noodle for $10.Come with 3 relatively small prawn. They are largely de-shell and vein, you just need to plug out the head to start eating. Prawn is probably the best thing, quite savory but maybe on the slightly salty side.Pork rib was tough. And has that bad porky taste. The down light of the meal. Broth is typical. Nothing to wow about. You need to add the chili flakes to add another dimension to this. A super good kick. But honestly if it was good it probably doesn't need the chili flakes to carry it.
19:44 14 Oct 22
Didn't post last time.When they charge my wife $18 for a bowl of prawn noodles....Came today to try their noodles.I see the lady took the frozen prawns out from the freezer for my bowl of noodlesNoodles is dry.... And plain spicy with the chilli powder...The soup is just... Those who prawn head powder .....Prawn is just.. normal... Since took out frozen from box..Think the cook already lost it...So many years already...Last time he used to work with his older brother...Now he is just a old.. frail man..

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