Best Satay

Welcome to Newton Food Centre in Singapore, a lively place for food. Try the delicious skewers at Best Satay – they have Chicken, Mutton, Beef, and Prawn. The food here is yummy and has many flavors. Enjoy your meal in this exciting food spot.

Best Satay Price List

Best Satay at Newton Food Centre has delicious food with old flavors. People have loved it for a long time. You should try it

Set A10 sticks (Chicken,Mutton/Beef) 6 Sticks(Prawn)$28.00
Set B15 sticks (Chicken,Mutton,Beef) 10 Sticks (Prawn)$44.00
Set C25 sticks (Chicken,Mutton,Beef) 15 Sticks (Prawn)$70.00
Set D40 sticks (Chicken,Mutton,Beef) 20 Sticks (Prawn)$100.00
Set E50 sticks (Chicken,Mutton,Beef) 30 Sticks (Prawn)$140.00
Set F75 sticks (Chicken,Mutton,Beef) 40 Sticks (Prawn)$200.00

Location & Opening Hours

Location: 22 Newton, Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday(3:00PM to 11:30PM) Closed, Monday

At: Floor No 4

Best Satay Reviews

Best Satay
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07:01 26 Jan 24
We were introduced to this place by Inside Singapore(Korean Singapore Trip Information Community).This place gave me a really great experience. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly.This is a place where even my family, who were not familiar with local food, ate delicious food without any worries. However, because it is so popular, the wait is long, so I give it a 4 for service, but it is well worth the wait.
Kevin LimKevin Lim
14:59 21 Jan 24
Had the $30 set. Chicken and beef satay was dry and gravy watery.
Kelsea KangKelsea Kang
06:22 07 Jan 24
My husband and I couldn’t decide on a meat to get so we tried them all and we still can’t decide which was better! Everything was so delicious!
Brooke PowellBrooke Powell
12:36 12 Dec 23
Really great satay skewers, though they are fairly small so grab a bunch!
08:32 09 Dec 23
Still salivating over their mutton satay. One of the best in Singapore. Stallholders are an extremely friendly bunch as well. Highly recommended!
14:26 03 Aug 23
Satay and prawns were well marinated and grilled. Set A was quite value for money at $28, which included 20 satays and 6 large prawns. We were also given a complimentary ketupat. Extremely friendly service provided by the gentlemen. E-payment available.
S FooS Foo
03:29 19 Mar 23
5 of us came on a Friday night for dinner. The food centre was filled with diners. Getting a table was difficult.We managed to get a table in front of 22 Best Satay.We ordered the grilled otah. A stick of coconut-leaf otah was $0.80. The fish otah was of decent portion and the taste did not disappoint.However we were disappointed with the service. The stall operator had a gigantic box of cling wrap and a stack of brown food wrappers that were used for their operation on the table . At the same time there were bottles of water and a mug of drink,all these occupied more than a third of the table. Since we had 5 people for a table of 6 we asked if they could remove the items so that the person sitting in front of the items could have space on the table to eat. The staff told us that their boss would be upset and scold them. Later when our ordered food from various stalls arrived and we were ready to eat, we approached the staff again if they could remove the items just in front of the seat. He reluctantly did so by removing the stack of brown food wrappers. Our friend had to eat her food with a small space for her plate with all the stall's items in front of her.
Has SamHas Sam
08:17 17 May 22
Not A waste trip i can say..The taste was SUPERB!!..Not so sweet .Order Mutton and Chicken. Everything was balance with no 'fishy' smell from both Meat. Only the peanut gravy not so creamy and spicy for my liking..hehe..A RECOMMENDED place to try!!...
16:10 17 Feb 22
Pretty decent satay, I always grab a handful when at Newton hawker center. Chicken skewers are meaty and soft, the shrimp satay are of decent size and good, fresh taste. Peanut dipping sauce is comforting but could use a bit more fragrance imho. Waiting times of 20 minutes when it's busy, which is quite ok.

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