Song Kee Fishball Noodles 松记潮州鱼圆粿面

Welcome to Newton Food Centre for yummy food in Singapore. Try Song Kee Fishball Noodles for tasty Vermicelli Soup, Fish Head Bee Hoon, and Noodles. It’s a must-visit for delicious meals.

Song Kee Fishball Noodles Price List

Song Kee Fishball Noodles: Yummy noodles with tasty fish balls. People love it a lot because it tastes delicious.

Vermicelli Soup$5,7
Kway Teow Noodles$5,7
Fish Ball Noodles (Dry/Soup)$5,7,9
Fish Head Bee Hoon$8.00
Fish Porridge$6,8
Fish Ball Soup$5,7
Mixed Soup$8,12
Sliced Fish Soup$6,8,10
Mee Pork Dry$5,7
Kopi O /Tea O$1.10,1.50(Hot,Cold)
Kopi C /Tea C$1.30,1.70(Hot,Cold)
Lime Juice$1.50
Homemade Barley$1.50
Canned Drinks$1.50
Mineral Water$1.50
Choice of Noodles
Yellow MeeDepend on Your Choice
Mee KiaDepend on Your Choice
Mee PohDepend on Your Choice
Kuch tiaoDepend on Your Choice
Bee Tai MakDepend on Your Choice
Bee HoonDepend on Your Choice
Additional Noodles$1.00

Location & Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N Newton Circus #01-06, Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: 

At: Floor No 4

Song Kee Fishball Noodles Reviews

Samuel MG SimSamuel MG Sim
04:19 24 May 24
Same name as the one at Yio Chu Kang road but food wise is a huge huge difference. This one really CMI.
Zhen ZZhen Z
10:55 29 Apr 24
Uncle is very friendly kind and generous
10:05 12 Apr 24
The fishball and fish cake super fishy. Ew. Cannot eat.
07:21 27 Mar 24
Tasty mee pok, well cooked noodles, bouncy fish balls and fish cake. $5 portion and add fish dumpling. Total $7
Vicco SohVicco Soh
15:05 10 Mar 24
Very bad experience. This is my first time to leave a negative review on google. The stall owner was very impatient at the beginning. When I paid, I asked the owner if the paynow name was correct. He was extremely impatient and even started to say ugly things. I just wanted to Make sure the payment is correct because the paynow at the stall does not show the name 😅 The boss even said in a very angry tone, "I don't want to use paynow for you, you don't want to pay me back, right!" A very, very bad experience. If you don't want people to use it, just do it. Don’t let it out 😅
Goh Nai ShinGoh Nai Shin
08:29 23 Jan 24
Love the huge and bouncy fishball. The noodles are also very flavorful and springy and smooth. The 2 uncles are also very friendly.
yptay madyptay mad
09:10 08 Dec 23
Very disappointed to the stall “owner”, who was very rude when I changed my mind, though he could still do it. Saw him talking to next customer when I started eating, very unpolite behaviour towards him.
vincent limvincent lim
12:24 02 Sep 23
Newton Food Centre Only some stalls open on daytime 😋
Wie b lWie b l
13:57 19 Feb 23
I'm an avid mee pok noodle dry eater, maybe I would even call myself a connoisseur for this dish, because I've searched and looked for it all over Singapore. And this is truly the good one, that you must sample!Let's get something straight, adding abalone, scallop, or crabmeat or sirloin beef or mermaid meat does NOT make it a better meepok. More meat, more stuff, does not make it better. I consider this "gimmicks."I grew up in old towns like Queenstown and then Tiong Bahru. In the 1970s a bowl of meepok that we are used to is: springy noodles, succulent fishballs and fishcakes, with few pieces of fried pork lard and spring onions and tang chye, that's it. Some stalls add chinese lettuce to it--and that's really it. And this is what you get at Song Kee Teochew Fishball Noodle,  Newton Food Centre, 500 Clemenceau Ave North #01-06, 229495.There is no mince pork, no liver, no ribs--strictly just fish derivatives.The soup is not too savoury, a little more to the neutral side, which is very pleasant (NO MSG--"I think"). The chilli paste packs a wallop! So if you have a sensitive stomach like me, ask the hawker to reduce it.The fishball and fishcake is excellent. Succulent and bouncy. And it has a natural fish smell and taste. Some commercially made ones are "no smell" or they sometimes mix it with chicken or flour to make it harder. But this stall, it is really natural and excellent. I can think of other places that brags of their "Best Fish Balls" in town, and they may be better. But here we are talking about MeePok Dry, and the fishball and fishcake is way above most of the neighbourhood foodcourt stalls.I love the noodles the most. He plunge it into cold water during his cooking, so that it comes out springy. And with the right chilli paste, it's just awesome. If you are like me, that loves the right noodle texture and mix of chilli paste, this IS it!Feel free to asks me questions, I'll try to help.
Royal PearsRoyal Pears
06:08 17 Oct 22
Fishball mee pok - good fishballs.From earlier orders:Fishball kway teow soup - back to its usual freshness and bounciness.They used to sell good fish slice soup/porridge but stopped doing so in late 2019.
david taydavid tay
14:06 21 Sep 22
Just ordered a bowl and didn’t feel like consuming. Shocked by the auntie when I requested for an extra small empty bowl, she asked for 30c to be charged. Yeah she was serious and adamant.Makes me wonder why the charge when the utensils are centrally washed. I don’t think any other food stalls would have asked for the charge.
Zac YeowZac Yeow
10:07 10 Jun 21
Handmade fishball very fresh and bouncy. The noodles are also Al dente and spicy. Come after 5:30 for the OG old grandma and grandpa cooking it.
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
00:38 07 Jul 20
I really like how uncle and auntie have been here since my mum was a child. Uncle used to push his cart by my mum's place, and she'd wait outside religiously to buy some fishballs from uncle. Up until today, she tells us the story.This fishball noodles stall has a very warm feel to it, and both auntie and uncle, as much as they're old, still put in a lot of passion into their cooking. The noodles are bouncy, and the fishballs are probably one of the better ones in Singapore.As simple as the dish sounds, there are not many stalls like these anymore these days. Really traditional, really heartwarming, really enjoyable bowl of fishball noodles!

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