Alliance Seafood 联合海鲜烧烤

Nestled within the vibrant food culture of Newton Food Centre is a culinary gem known as Alliance Seafood 联合海鲜烧烤. This stall stands out for its delectable offerings and unique approach to seafood barbecue.

Alliance Seafood 联合海鲜烧烤

With a rich history and a reputation for tantalising taste buds, Alliance Seafood has become a go-to destination for those seeking a delightful dining experience in the heart of Singapore.

Chilli Crabs Set with Cereal Prawns$65
Fried Rice and Man Tou$65
Black Pepper Crab Set $65
Two type of crabs$100
BBQ Crayfish$100
Kangkong Vegetables$8,10,12
Lemon Chicken $15,20,25
Sweet & Sour Chicken$15,20,25
Fried Baby Squid$15,20,25

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Newton Circus Food Centre #01-27, 500 Clemenceau Avenue North Singapore 229495 (Newton MRT)

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3:00 PM To 11:00 PM) Saturday, Sunday (1:00 PM to 11:00 PM), Closed Tuesday

Alliance Seafood 联合海鲜烧烤

Alliance Seafood Reviews

Alliance Seafood
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Łukasz RdzanekŁukasz Rdzanek
00:31 18 Feb 24
No big deal, everything at the stall tastes more or less the same.
10:27 15 Feb 24
It's perfect for Korean tastes. Set A was SGD 75 and the cereal shrimp and fried rice were delicious.A little bit of chili crab, huh? It smelled like food, but it was still worth eating! The two of us were full.
hy kimhy kim
19:21 31 Jan 24
We were introduced to this place by Inside Singapore(Korean Singapore Trip Information Community).This place gave me a really great experience. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly.As I had read about it through various media before visiting, it felt familiar, as if I had been there before. Among chili crabs, I recommend the black pepper chili crab. The kkkkong I tried for the first time was good, and the lamb skewers and shrimp skewers were familiar, but maybe it was because I ate them outdoors.I remember it being more delicious.
Sirinya PiyakitSirinya Piyakit
14:03 30 Jan 24
This store located in Newton Circus hawkers where is very famous to tourist. Many shops have almost the same menu but this store got Michilin things. 1 crab weight almost 1 kg(~50S$), we ordered 1 chilli crab (famous Singapore menu) and 1 black pepper crab. It was quite good. My most favorite was the bun (we ordered 2 plates) dipped chilli sauce.
Erica KErica K
07:08 26 Jan 24
We were introduced to this place by Inside Singapore(Korean Singapore Trip Information Community).This place gave me a really great experience. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly.I loved all foods that our team ordered. If you are Korean, you are gonna love the black pepper crab. I enjoyed great food with reasonable price.
06:48 26 Jan 24
We were introduced to this place by Inside Singapore(Korean Singapore Trip Information Community).This place gave me a really great experience. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly.Chili crab and fried rice are the best combination. The sauce is the best​It was nice to be able to buy and eat other foods nearby.
Hayden CHayden C
12:04 02 Jan 24
When I went on a Tuesday evening on a weekday, the food was delicious. I ordered at 6:30 and received it at 8:30. It takes two hours.
Fumiya KふみやFumiya Kふみや
12:08 03 Dec 23
11:49 01 Dec 23
We ordered the chilli grab and bbq stingray. The food was delicious and they even offered to customize the flavor (we wanted more spicy). Great service, would come back again.
Culinary SlutCulinary Slut
00:20 30 Oct 23
This is located in the Newton Food Centre, considered a bit of a tourist focused hawker stall and is easily accessed by a nearby MRT station.We got the chili crab, priced at $56, which was quite good. This is one of those “things you must eat in Singapore” dishes. A stir fried crab comes in a thick tomato based chili sauce with shredded crab meat. This comes served with sweet and fluffy mantou bun. The sauce is a little tangy, medium sweet and fairly spicy. They bring you plastic gloves so you can get into the shell, but those were a bit in the way. So bring your own wet wipes and dig in! The only criticism is that we wish they did a slightly better job pre-cracking the shell, but very few places we’ve been to (outside of Japan) get that just right.Service is bruque, but that’s the standard with Hawker stalls.
14:38 03 Aug 23
BBQ stingray was looked and tasted like it was merely steamed, placed on top of a banana leaf and then covered with sambal. 😅 No wonder it was served quicker than expected.
Watermelon GelatoWatermelon Gelato
16:13 06 Jun 23
I chose this store because it showed that it's on the Michelin guide. My plan was to eat a whole durian after dinner so I just ordered a pepper crab. There was no price on the menu, and mine was S$50 this time. I paid when the crab was on the table. Tissue paper, gloves, a plate and a spoon were provided.I think this crab was cooked just right, still juicy. I love that the pepper were crushed coarsely that they were still crunchy.
Rachel LouieRachel Louie
00:59 19 Apr 23
We ordered the chilli crab with the fried buns, and the fried squid. Crab was really good, maybe just a tad too sweet. The fried squid was not good, so over fried it was just hard. The fried buns are so good! Overall was a good experience but might try elsewhere where it’s not so sweet (crab).
09:32 14 Feb 22
Excellent hawker stall to fill up on some tasty seafood. I absolutely dig their black pepper crab, the sticky sauce is fragrant, zesty and packs a pretty punch. The live mud crabs they use are big and meaty, really good quality. Other stand out dishes are the tiger prawns, which are massive and full of that lobstery goodness, and the stingray. The latter is especially succulent and plump if ordered in the bigger portion sizes, which I did on another visit here. The pictured is the smallest portion size at 12$. Prices are very competitive given the popularity of Newton food center and the service is fast and efficient. By the time of my visit they were awarded with a Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide, which I would say is fully justified.

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