30 BBQ Chicken Wing Satay Otah

Welcome to Newton Food Centre for yummy food in Singapore. Check out 30 BBQ Chicken Wing Satay Otah for delicious BBQ Chicken Wings and Satay with mutton, chicken, and beef. It’s a tasty adventure for food lovers.

30 BBQ Chicken Wing Satay Otah Price List

Get 30 yummy BBQ Chicken Wing Satay Otah at the stall. They’re cooked just right and taste good. Make sure to try these delicious wings.

BBQ Chicken Wings(Minimum 3pc)$1.60 each
Satay(Minimum 10 Sticks)Mutton,Chicken,Pork,Beef90 cent each

Location & Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-30 Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening hours:

At: Floor No 4

30 BBQ Chicken Wing Satay Otah Reviews

Sherman TBHSherman TBH
14:11 13 Mar 24
BBQ chicken wings are good. Satay sauce are good but the meat are so so not fantastic.
Zizhen WangZizhen Wang
23:29 30 Jan 24
Newton food center has a special dish that is not available in the food centers I often go to (maxwell, amoy street, tong bahru), which is the BBQ chicken wings.There are many stalls selling this BBQ chicken wing here, and the signs are very similar. I don't know which one is the most popular. I chose this one next to United Seafood BBQ.Chicken wings are 1.6 each, with a minimum price of three, Otah (Malay grilled fish cakes) are 1.6 each, with a minimum price of two, and satay are 0.9 each, with a minimum price of ten. Adhering to my usual style, I will try them all once I come here and never leave anything behind. Pity.I have to say that there is a reason why this chicken wing is so popular. It is really delicious. When you take a bite, it really has the aroma of fruit wood, and the burnt aroma is delicious. The tip is burnt but not woody and chewy. I don't like it very much. Eat the wing tips, but you have to admit that the grilled wing tips are more delicious than the root.Otah is also pretty good, thicker and has some fish pieces in it.The satay was just average. Although I ordered a combination of beef, mutton, chicken and pork, I couldn't taste any difference. The one at Lau Pa Sat was better. The satay sauce here is also different from the one at Lau Pa Sat. The peanut sauce has a strong taste.Next time I come back, I will try the chicken wings one by one to see if there are any that are more delicious.
Adrienne LuangAdrienne Luang
14:08 03 Jan 24
food was v nice although satay was very smallordered delivery and rider was super nice and patienthighly recommend
12:40 20 Dec 23
If you want to experience what a shrew is, you can go to this store because the lady boss can definitely show you her fierceness, rudeness and unreasonableness in all three dimensions... This is the first time I have seen a shop owner with such an attitude... I don’t know what she eats every day ..Or do you need to see a doctor during menopause?.If you don’t want to encounter mental illness with psychological problems, please stay away🙄
Dawn LimDawn Lim
08:56 16 Nov 23
Average food.We ordered some BBQ chicken wings as well as chicken and Mutton satay.Chicken wings were too charred. Thankfully there was still some taste. Satay was bland. Almost tasted like they had little to no marination. I really needed the satay sauce to be able to eat it.Not money well spent.
11:23 16 Aug 23
07:48 09 Jul 23
Wanted to purchase satay from them but they appeared very rude , owner was ignoring us when we were trying to buy and is attitude like we owe her money . We then went to the next door to purchase as we wasn’t satisfied by her service . While purchasing from the store next door , we could hear her nagging out loud to her work colleague about us . Very unpleasant service from her . 10/10 will not recommend
jieyong fongjieyong fong
04:19 01 Sep 22
Look at the mutton satay ! As thin as paper and it cost 80cents each . Really no standard. Best satay better .
Matthew LeeMatthew Lee
11:30 16 Jan 22
I did enjoy their satays here, for not being overly sweet.Be great if they could add a dollap of fresh pineapple puree to their gravy to kick the aromas up a notch.

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