Kwee Heng Singapore

Nestled within the vibrant culinary landscape of Newton Food Centre is the renowned stall, Kwee Heng. A culinary gem, Kwee Heng has carved a niche for itself in the heart of food enthusiasts.

Kwee Heng Price List

With a rich history and a commitment to delivering delectable dishes, this stall stands as a testament to the diverse and flavorful offerings at Newton Food Centre.

Hainanese Chicken Rice$4,5,6
Hainanese Chicken$Half 13 or whole 26
Boneless Duck Rice$4,5
$Half 14, whole 28$4,5
Chicken Noodles$4,5
Crispy Chicken$Half 14,whole 28
Duck Porridge$6,8,10
Braised Duck Rice$4, $5, $6
Kway Chap$4,5,6
Beah Sprouts$4,5,6
Wanton Noodle$4,5,6
Roasted Pork$8,10,12
Roasted Pork Rice$8,10,12
Char Siew$8,10,12
Roasted Chicken$16,32
Roasted Chicken Rice$4,5,6
Char Siew Roast pork rice$4,5,6
Oyster sauce veg$6,8,10

Location & Opening Hours

Location: Newton Food Centre #01-13

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9:00 AM to 12 AM)

Kwee Heng

Kwee Heng reviews

Kwee Heng Duck Rice
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06:24 02 Feb 24
Ordered 4$ chicken rice x 2. And was told that chicken breast is $5 and chicken thigh is $6.
07:11 29 Jan 24
Zizhen WangZizhen Wang
00:10 18 Jan 24
A street vendor newly listed on Singapore's Michelin Bib Gourmand List in 2023. Various roasted meats, Hainanese chicken, braised duck, braised pig skin, braised tofu, braised eggs. Dazzled.I didn’t do my homework well, so I didn’t know that the braised duck is actually the most delicious in their house. It’s a pity.When I saw the Hainanese chicken, I bought it to try and compare it with Tiantian. The chicken rice here doesn't look as oily as Tiantian's chicken rice, but the taste is okay. The color of the chicken is not as bright as Tiantian's, but the taste is still good, and the chicken breast is not as tender as Tiantian's.I also ordered dry wonton noodles, and added braised tofu and braised tofu puffs. The noodles are alkaline water with a slightly strong alkaline taste, and the braised tofu and braised tofu are a bit salty.The evaluation may not be objective enough. After all, I didn’t eat the braised duck.
Yeung CherylYeung Cheryl
16:35 11 Jan 24
Best duck rice ever!!!!
10:43 29 Dec 23
Edmund YongEdmund Yong
03:33 10 Dec 23
Go to place for duck and kway chap. Still the best
Jarden ChanJarden Chan
02:26 05 Dec 23
Ordered a plate of Chicken rice, portion of rice was small & rice is too salty and oily.For a local, i would say its One of the worst chicken rice ever tasted but that’s the only stall there.There are so many foreigners trying out chicken rice for the first time & its a shame that he left such an impression for one of our local favourite dish.
Chinese MoonChinese Moon
13:37 06 Aug 23
Good duck kway teow mee, but mine had a sour vinegar dash that spoilt the taste. Service was cheerful and dish brought to my table. Will come back and try the duck rice which I hope has no added vinegar. The duck was a winner and deboned.
Zhanrong LiangZhanrong Liang
09:46 29 Jun 23
Food: Ordered the duck rice. The portion is too little for the priceService: NormalAtmosphere: The stall is located in the hawker. Many crows and pigeons are waiting around the area to snipe the leftover food
Super FragranceSuper Fragrance
11:46 11 Apr 23
Ordered duck rice plus pork belly for $6.ProsDuck. Tough meat but effort made to make it tender. Flavorful can go without chili.Rice. Not your typically duck rice. More like less oily chicken rice but grains are individualized.Chili. Both duck and chicken chili is given. Sour and a little spicy. Can't go wrong with chicken rice chili tbh.Soup. Great but an insect fell into my soup. Well camouflage. So be careful.ConsPork belly. Tough and chewy. Mediocre.
Ivan TehIvan Teh
02:07 11 Oct 22
Duck Rice (SGD $4) @ Kwee Heng Duck Rice 貴興..This heritage stall is well regarded for consistency, serving well over 40 years..Their soup stands out here, warm and comforting with deep earthy herbal savoury sweet flavour..Their braised duck is tender with a light chew, the skin layered with succulent duck fat, sliced thick and boneless. Has lovely meaty salty savoury flavour..The bed of fluffy white rice has absorbed the braising gravy in parts, with grainy sweet salty savoury flavour. Crunchy cucumber slices and soft braised egg complete.

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